Research Laboratories

Robust scientific and clinical research that leads to a better understanding of biology and clinical pathology is an important part of the mission of Boston Children's Hospital. To attain this goal, our strong basic science foundation - epresented by more than 120 laboratories - is paired with innovative technology development and outstanding clinical and translational research that touches the wide spectrum of investigation underway in our laboratories.

More than 1,300 scientists comprise our research community.

Our dynamic research agenda encompasses investigations into the basic principles of molecular, cellular and organ-level biology and their relationship to disease. Key areas of fundamental interest include molecular and cellular medicine, diagnostics and prognostics, drug and medical device discovery, genomics and genetics, rare and orphan diseases, and stem cell and regenerative medicine.

Insights into disease mechanisms derived from basic studies form the basis for translational research into new diagnostic and therapeutic approaches. Underlying all of this are state-of-the-art training in basic, translational and clinical research, as well as world-class facilities for the next generation of scientific and clinical leaders.